Regulatory Compliance


Research Protections (RP), Conflict of Interest in Research (COI) and Export Controls are the Regulatory Compliance units within the Office of Research (hierachly under the Research Administration umbrella). Research Protections—which is overseen by Executive Director, Karen Allen—is made up of the Human Research Protections, Animal Care & Use and Human Stem Cell Research compliance programs.  Conflict of Interest and Export Controls report under Sponsored Projects, but as all compliance units function similarly, they have been grouped under Regulatory Compliance on this site. 

The RP, COI and Export Control units manage faculty-based regulatory review functions as required by federal and state regulations and UC policy. Regulatory Compliance personnel are expert resources for policy and program information. As such, they act as administrative officials (through delegation of authority) with external sponsors, regulatory agencies, higher education organizations, and professional societies regarding regulatory changes, institutional policy development and implementation of regulatory requirements and enhancements.

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