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The UCI Research Imaging Center (RIC) has been charged by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Research with providing support for imaging research on the UC Irvine campus. The Center encourages researchers to take advantage of its facilities. In addition to the home-built 4 Tesla MRI scanner, a commercial Philips 3 Tesla scanner is also located on the campus, and equipped to support cognitive, behavioral functional neuroimaging, and onco-imaging studies. (See guidelines for further details).

To request access to these facilities for a specific study, please complete the application form and submit to the RIC administrator ( Proposals for funded studies may be submitted at any time. These will be processed as expeditiously as possible, ordinarily within about a week. It is important to note that approval for scanning is not given on a blanket basis; all scanning should be conducted under the aegis of an approved project. Moreover, scanning sessions should be identified by the project for which the scans constitute the primary purpose. For example, scans conducted for the primary purpose of a drug trial would be identified as belonging to that specific project, regardless of whether the data might secondarily contribute to another project.

We are conscious that in requesting researchers to submit written proposals prior to using the RIC’s facilities we are adding to your administrative burden. We have tried to keep this burden to a minimum, and hope that you will appreciate that the requested information will help the RIC plan its activities so as to support research as effectively as possible.

The RIC is managed by the Imaging Steering Committee (ISC), which reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Downloadable material is available at:

Scanner Schedule:

Scanner Usage Rates:

The current usage recharge rates until October 1, 2009 are $425/hour.

Note that effective October 1, 2009, recharge rates will be as follows:

  • $450/hour with your own approved operator
  • $500/hour with RIC operator assistance
  • $525/hour with RIC MR technologist assistance

For information on how a researcher can receive the training necessary to be designated as an approved operator, and therefore to us the scanner in the absence of a technologist, please contact the RIC administrator (

Any study exceeding one hour is charged in increments of one-half hour.

Estimating Scanner Charge for Proposals

We suggest using an inflator of 7.5% annually when estimating the cost of MR recharge rates for extramural proposal budgets.

For questions about the RIC's facilities or operating procedures, please contact:

Orhan Nalcioglu, Ph.D.
Director, Research Imaging Center
164 Irvine Hall - ZOT 5020
(949) 824-6001
Fax (949) 824-3481

Gregory Hickok, Ph.D.
Chair, Imaging Steering Committee
(949) 824-1409

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