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The Transgenic Mouse Facility (TMF) is a core facility that provides services on a recharge basis for making, breeding, genotyping, importing, and preserving genetically-modified mice and embryonic stem cells.

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"CRISPR" Cas9/gRNA genome editing now available !

Pictured below are founder mice generated by pronuclear injection of Cas9 mRNA and gRNA, targeting the Mitf locus (left) or hairless (hr) locus (right), into fertilized oocytes.  Inquiries regarding gene targeting via Cas9 /gRNA should be directed to the TMF’s Managing Director, Jon Neumann

  founder mouse with Mitf targeted by CRISPR/Cas9hairless pup at weaning

Of interest to TMF and Cancer Center users

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The TMF is a Shared Resource funded in part by the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA062203) from the National Cancer Institute, by Strategic Partnerships with various UCI Offices and Schools, and by established chargeback systems.
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