IACUC Terms & Conditions of Approval

The Principal Investigator/Lead Researcher (or Faculty Sponsor) is ultimately responsible for the proper execution of this study, including both the ethical and humane care and use of animals and the strict adherence by all study team members to IACUC requirements, all federal/ state/ local laws, and UC/UCI regulations and policies governing the use of animals in research, teaching and testing.

As Principal Investigator/Lead Researcher (or Faculty Sponsor) of an animal use protocol, I understand and agree to the following:


    1. IACUC approval does not, in and of itself, constitute approval to implement this project.  I understand that I am responsible for obtaining review and approval from other regulatory committees (Institutional Biosafety Committee, Institutional Review Board, etc.) if applicable.   In addition, I will ensure that I and my study team follow the requirements of all other oversight/safety committees (EH&S, radiation safety, etc.). 
    2. If applicable to my study, I and my study team members will ensure that controlled substances (as identified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration) are handled and stored in accordance with UCI EH&S Controlled Substances Program Guidelines


    1. am responsible for ensuring that all individuals named on this project have read and understand all procedures described in this protocol.
    2. am responsible for ensuring that all experiments and procedures involving animals are performed under my supervision or that of another qualified professional listed on this protocol.
    3. All personnel having direct live animal contact on this project, including myself, are currently or will be trained in humane and scientifically acceptable procedures for animal handling, administration of therapeutic drugs and euthanasia used in this project.  I understand that study team members may not initiate any procedure with live animals prior to completing this training and until they demonstrate proficiency in the procedures they will perform under this protocol.
    4. All study team members with direct animal contact will participate in the UCI Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program (LAOHP) and be made aware of the potential hazards associated with the use of live animals, animal tissues, and other potential hazards associated with the research.


    1. I and my study team will promptly report to campus veterinary staff and the IACUC about any unanticipated pain or distress, morbidity, or mortality of animals that occurs in this study.  
    2. Emergency veterinary care by ULAR Veterinary Services will be provided to animals showing evidence of pain or illness not specifically addressed in the approved protocol.  
    3. UCI veterinary and husbandry staff, as well as members of the IACUC, will have unlimited access to the animals under this protocol to conduct federally mandated inspections and post-approval monitoring activities and to ensure animal welfare. I understand that the IACUC and veterinarians will attempt to minimize disruptions wherever possible.


    1. and my research team are responsible for coordinating all animal acquisition through University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR).  All animals must be housed in ULAR facilities unless otherwise approved by the IACUC.
    2. Facility access key cards can only be used by the individual to whom they are issued, and the sharing vivarium key cards is a violation of UCI policy.  I will ensure that vivarium key cards will not be shared and personnel who have left the laboratory or are no longer working with live animals will promptly return their key cards to ULAR for deactivation.


    1. understand that no procedures, handling, observation or recording of data from research animals may take place without IACUC approval, and that no changes to the protocol may be implemented without prior IACUC review and approval.
    2. If research activities are supported by federal research funds, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that the live-animal use described in the federal grant proposal is congruent with the approved IACUC protocol. 

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