Annual Review


1. Both a 60-day and 30-day email reminder will be sent to the PI and research personnel indicating the AUP is up for its annual review. Click on the direct link and login to RMS.

2. You will jump directly to your protocol into the Annual Review Tab. Click the "Check-Out" button so that you may edit the protocol.

3. Answer the questions and indicate if any changes or refinements were made to the current AUP.

4. Check the  to acknowledge any updates or changes to the AUP, then click the  button.

5. Click the "Submit to IACUC" button --- This changes the document status and routes your annual review to the IACUC office.

What year is this?

RMS will tell you!

1. Open RMS and click “IACUC Protocol” on the main page

2. Check the File Level headings for “First Approved” and “Expiration Date”:

    • If the Expiration date is two years away, you’re at the end of Year 1
    • If the Expiration date is one year away, you’re at the end of Year 2
    • If the Expiration Date shows the current year, you need to submit a new protocol for full committee IACUC review and approval!

How to find your previously-submitted Annual Report

NOTE: You can pull up previous versions of your protocol by choosing “Version:  All” in the Document Search Filter (the default value is “Last, Active”), then click “Search”:

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!

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