Radiation Safety Committee Review


The UCI Campus and the UCI Medical Center have separate and distinct California state licenses for regulating the human use of radioactive materials (e.g., PET scans, radioimmunotherapy, nuclear medicine procedures, lymphoscintigraphy) and approval mechanisms for regulating human exposures from radiation-producing equipment (e.g., CT scans, X-rays, fluoroscopy, but not MRI or laser procedures). Because of the separate nature of these licenses and approval mechanisms, procedures dealing with radiation use may differ between the Campus and Medical Center. Please consult with the Campus and/or Medical Center Radiation Safety Officer, as appropriate for the venue of your research.

Campus Radiation Safety Officer – Bryan Ruiz, (949) 824-6098 or

Medical Center Radiation Safety Officer - Barbara Hamrick, (714) 456-5607 or

Application Submission Guidance

Human Subjects Research

All protocols involving human use of radioactive materials and/or radiation-producing equipment are subject to Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) review. The Medical Center RSC is currently responsible for reviewing all human research studies involving radiation. 

All protocols involving human use of radioactive materials must be performed under a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) approved by the RSC.

Physicians performing diagnostic and/or therapeutic radioisotope procedures must either meet or be under the supervision of a physician who meets the training and clinical experience requirements of the federal radiation control regulations.

Physicians who meet these requirements and desire supervisory status will first need to obtain approval from the California Department of Health Services to be included on a UCI radioactive material license.

All protocols involving human use of radiation-producing equipment must be performed or supervised by physicians holding an appropriate state-issued X-ray Supervisors and Operators Permit or Certificate.

Note: X-ray procedures at the Medical Center that are considered "standard-of-care" do not require a specific RUA.

Medical Center Radiation Safety Review

To expedite radiation reviews of human research protocols, the Medical Center RSC has established a Subcommittee consisting of the Committee Chair, the Medical Center Radiation Safety Officer, and the Radiation Physicist. All protocols involving radiation exposure to normal subjects, and/or to clinical human subjects when the exposure is not considered standard-of-care, must be referred to this Subcommittee for review. If appropriate, the Subcommittee may approve the protocol, or it may refer the protocol to the full Medical Center RSC for more extensive review.

Examples of procedures which must be reviewed and approved by the Subcommittee include, but are not limited to:

  • Any radiation exposures to normal subjects
  • Any use of an investigational radiation device
  • Any use of an investigational radiopharmaceutical or investigational implant/seed
  • Any use of an investigational contrast medium with radiation
  • Any use of imaging where it is the subject of the investigation, such as special CT sequences to guide a new surgical procedure
  • Routine standard-of-care procedures with more than:
    • 5 CT scans of the same body part in 12 months
    • 5 PET scans total in 12 months
    • Extended fluoroscopy beyond 5 minutes.

Examples of procedures which do not need Subcommittee approval include, when standard-of-care:

  • Routine chest X-rays
  • Routine X-rays of fractures
  • Routine diagnostic nuclear medicine tests
  • Radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism
  • Radiation therapy for cancer

Campus Radiation Safety Review

All protocols involving human use of radioactive materials and/or radiation-producing equipment must be performed under a RUA approved by the Campus RSC. Dosimetry and/or clinical radiation safety issues may also require an additional review by the Medical Center RSC.

Note: PET scans at the Brain Imaging Center are conducted under the provisions, limitations and conditions of UCIMC RUA. For human uses of radiation other than PET scans, the Campus Radiation Safety Officer should be contacted to verify that a valid RUA has been issued by the Campus RSC.

For more information about the RSC visit the Radiation Safety Division of EH&S website.

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