PET Scan Standard Operating Procedures

First, you will be accompanied to the Uptake/Computer room where we will take your vital signs


The next step is to start two intravenous (I.V.) lines.  This is to insert a small plastic tube (catheter) into a vein in each arm.  A small amount of saline will flow through the tube (catheter) to keep the line open.  One I.V. is used for injecting the imaging agent and the other (if applicable per the imaging protocol) is to withdraw blood at specific intervals, during the first part of your procedure.  This is the only part of the scan procedure that may hurt just a little.


For FDG PET scans, you will perform a task on the computer in the uptake room.  The computer task may be C.P.T. (Continuous Performance Task) or a memory test.  One IV line will be removed after the FDG injection. You will immediately start the test which takes about 30 minutes, after which you will be advised to go to the restroom and urinate before the scan.


Now the scan is ready to begin.  After you lie down on the scanning bed, a restraining aid of Velcro or tape is placed on your forehead and chin to minimize the head movement during scan.  The scanning bed will be moved so that your head will be inside the donut-shaped ring, and the scan begins.  The total scan time can be as long as 1 hour and 10 minutes and as short as 20 minutes, depending on the protocol.  Typically you should expect to be at the NIC between 2-3 hours.   





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