Phase 2 Guidelines for ULAR Animal Facilities

ULAR animal facilities have been operating safely over the past several months to provide animal care while some essential, critical research has been conducted. We will continue the procedures we have already implemented, including physical distancing and increased sanitization of surfaces.

Approvals for Phase 2 Animal Research:

UCI campus Phase 2 plans allow a gradual  increase of up to 30% of pre-COVID numbers of research personnel working on-site with approval of your Phase 2 plan from your Approved Official.  Note that ULAR staff are essential workers and they remain at 100% staffing levels.

Animal Orders and Transfers:

Animal orders and transfers are allowed for approved Phase 2 activities, recognizing that the goal is to gradually ramp up research. 

Rodent Breeding:

Rodent breeding is allowed as long as tasks performed by laboratory personnel (e.g. weaning) can be managed with the reduced laboratory staffing levels and as long as physical distancing can be maintained while performing these tasks.   

Working in ULAR Animal Facilities:

  • Limit the number of laboratory personnel entering the animal facility to the minimum number required to perform the work, according to your lab’s Phase 2 plan.
  • Practice physical distancing by staying 6 feet apart from other people. 
  • Clean, re-usable cloth face coverings are allowed, except in areas or situations that require disposable face coverings. 
  • Before entering rooms, look through the window or open the door slightly to check for others and determine if you can physically distance before entering.
  • Cage changing days are posted on animal room door calendars.  Cage changing schedules are the same as pre-COVID.  Most ULAR technicians work in the animal rooms between 6:00 am - 2:30 pm, with 30-minute breaks at 10 am and 12 noon. 
  • Personnel may use stairways to exit animal facilities where available, taking care to ensure that doors are fully closed upon exit. 


ULAR will continue to offer the Researcher Training class via Zoom.  In-person training is suspended, unless it is determined that certain hands-on training is essential.  If so, training will be conducted as a one-on-one session in the facility with full PPE and 6-ft distancing between personnel.  Contact or ULAR Veterinary Services to request training.

ULAR Phase 2 Guidelines (Microsoft Word)

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